Part III: Power is distributed, control requires permission.

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Continuing on the topic of millennials in the workforce, the third topic Professor Martha discusses in her article, Digital Cowboys, is:

Power is distributed, control requires permission.

We can no longer expect the younger workforce to be loyal to their managers in the same way that we are to ours as GenX or Late Boomers. Deference and respect are not the same. This group wants to be more empowered, more included in decisions at every level. They demand it. We cannot command them.

Still, they know enough to work within the boundaries of existing structures, however they may not last. And companies are struggling to hold on to their young talent.

So what will it take to attract and retain this newer lot? One young man put it this way “I am not on the emerging leadership board for the company and it’s clear we are lacking vision. We need to define our values as a company. I’m surprised that we do not value continuing education among the elders at work”.

The idea that having vision, one that is filled with purpose and reflects a value-system that is tied to society is not only key, it’s cost of entry. Secondly, stasis is not acceptable. We must constantly be curious, engaging in learning every day. This generation is not stuck, nor does it want to be. Finally, with both a visionary and passionate leader who cares about making the world a better place, they, this leader, would be empowered by millennials to lead – this is where millennials are giving the leader permission. They do it by sticking around.

It’s a whole new world.

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