Being Human

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Syfy Network developed a tv series called “Being Human,” and I’ve thought a lot about that theme in leadership, since the very first time I’d heard about it when working with Syfy back in 2011.

post-humanistTo me, being human is synchronous with kindness and humility in the world today, yet something in its meaning has been lost along the way as we strive for daily success. Speaking as a past corporate dweller and current cultural strategist and leadership expert, the demand to regain our humanity is high in a post-humanist world.

One way to define post-humanism is here, in a NYTimes Sunday Book Review by Leon Wieseltier.

And posthumanism? It elects to understand the world in terms of impersonal forces and structures, and to deny the importance, and even the legitimacy, of human agency.

How have we lost our way, setting our sights on personal gain; collecting money; and collecting things; over being kind, compassionate and aware as human beings?

When thinking about being a leader in any capacity, we must continue to strive to become better humans, feeling deeply connected to people and community once again, before we can become better leaders.

As Ellen put it, “Being nice and generous and kind isn’t something anyone should do in hopes of getting an award. Instead, it’s simply something we should do as part of being human.”)

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