Our Process of Possibility

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As leaders, we are often reminded to hold on to our emotions. Wear a poker face. Be bold, strong, charismatic, almost perfect.


This rigid mentality is far too outdated to be a reality any more. Being as time starved as we are as contributors to our work lives, family lives and society overall, it’s no wonder we’ve embraced words like perfunctory, and we’ve treated others with as much respect as a fellow-robot.

At WeekdayRx, our belief is that every leader can use a cultural infusion of creativity. We like to think of it as our “Process of Possibility”. The core idea is to help leaders (at every level) to reconnect with a passionate, fiery and human side of ourselves. Tap into our vulnerability and find our better-selves. Learn to love who we are as we are, and not as we are perceived by others. Let go of fear and imposter-syndrome.

Within the Process of Possibility, we are redrawing lines and connecting new dots and unexpected ideas on a creative canvas (or whiteboard)! Let’s redefine what it means to lead and inspire from within.

And finally, it’s time to LEAD as open and flexible leaders who are willing to make change that matters, not MANAGE within rigid structures as time-stamped robots.


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