Winning vs. Problem Solving

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Sometimes we need to change lenses when approaching a new problem.

Ask yourself this: Am I trying to “win”, or am I trying to find a solution? If you are trying to win, the focus is on the goal, and finding a quick solution. (Easy. Box checked!)

Or… maybe it’s not that black and white… Because finding a solution can be more complex than simply “winning”. When we change the way in which we approach the problem the path to the solution can offer many more solutions and better questions to master a bigger problem.

collective-problem-solvingProblem solving is more about the journey than the end goal. Not just why or what, but how. We focus so much on why these days and really, how matters.

The difference between the focus on the goal, and the focus on the journey can be found in a powerful word: Collaboration. Is it my way or our way? Is it singular or plural I vs we? Do we believe in ambiguity or do we need rigidity? Do we believe we are the only ones who can do this or do we give others credit and trust in the collective?

When we are too focused on the goal, we sometimes make sweeping declarations and believe that in our moment of truth, we are the only ones who “can”. And maybe we are the only ones who can inspire and lead. …Or maybe we are so rigid, we are shutting others out and preventing them from joining us.

To promote efficacy and productivity and be our very best at work, I believe we need to inspire the collective when problem solving.

Put on the rosy colored glasses and know that your solutions will be stronger, even if the journey is messy.

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