Creative Souls and Corporate Humanists.

Who We are

We are brand strategists and culture strategists focused on creating a healthy and sustainable culture in organizations large or small. We are passionate about leadership and inspiring people to lead at every level.

We are serial and social entrepreneurs.  We consider ourselves corporate humanitarians, helping to redefine success for companies, humanitarian agencies, and individuals beyond today’s measures of strictly bottom line and shareholder value.  We envision mindfulness in the workplace, with success defined in human terms.

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Change Consultants, Creative Souls and Corporate Humanists.

Our team’s unique and diverse background gives clients the right amount of breadth and depth, from business and brand strategy (and an eye and hand for good design), to organizational and cultural change management (with a large dose of scientific research).


Michelle Anderson-Olivier

Leadership Consultant, Culture Strategist, Facilitator

Michelle Anderson believes in making it matter when engaging with people in all walks of life. She subscribes to the philosophy that we can always be better at what we do, never rewinding the clock. At WeekdayRx, Michelle focuses on vision development, leadership coaching that includes honing skills, passion and voice. She enjoys speech writing and message development for company leaders at key meetings. She works on company brand and “why” statements and provides a strategy for how to tie the ideas to specific actions that normalize the “why” within an environment. She is both a facilitator and trainer, and leads teams in workshop development and 2-day retreat (event) production. She has over eighteen years of industry experience in culture change that began with branding (GIRVIN) marketing (adidas), international business (engineering), education (K-5) and non-profit sectors, and has led and supported business to brand development for a diverse group of companies including global, local, large and small. Michelle has a sixth sense for how to define and prioritize audience, and has helped numerous clients focus on key customer decision makers to develop resonant meaning and authenticity. Industries include: sporting goods, biotech, education, luxury, events, software, healthcare, construction, professional services, and start-ups.

Michelle co-founded WeekdayRx in 2011. In addition to the experience listed above, she’s also been a consultant during the dot-com frenzy, a CEO for a start-up not-for-profit, and participant in the Harvard Executive Leadership Program.

She and her husband are volunteer coaches for Mary Meyer Life Fitness triathalon clinics – with a focus on cycling skills, rules of the road, and how to change your mindset to “can-do”.
  Michelle is fluent in both French and German.

Stephanie Krimmel

Change Architect, UX Strategist & Cultural Planner

Stephanie Krimmel has over sixteen years experience helping businesses and organizations meet their strategic goals and make connections with their audiences, primarily in digital media. She believes that in order to be successful, companies must know both themselves and their audiences, and is adept at extracting and synthesizing information about both. Stephanie has a knack for converting strategies and ideas into concrete plans and products, and getting plans implemented, whether they involve a Web site, a mobile app, an employee training program, or all three.

Stephanie is an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to co-founding WeekdayRx, she is involved in an app development company and a digital strategy business. But most of all, she loves helping people realize their business dreams, whether that dream is a fortune 500 company or the yoga studio down the block. Her industry expertise includes higher education, architecture and engineering, professional services, consumer products, technology/software, and not-for-profit organizations.

The best place to find Stephanie outside of business hours is skiing with her family in the peaks of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. Yes, even in the summertime!


Jeannie Macnab

Organizational Development Planner & Facilitator

Jeannie Macnab has 20 years of experience in project management, strategic planning, facilitation and organizational development in the health, human service and the criminal justice systems.  Jeannie is an experienced team leader and has successfully formed, developed and lead numerous multi-disciplinary teams.  She has extensive experience working with elected officials, managing politically sensitive projects and communication, and consensus decision-making.

On the job, Jeannie is known for her organization, flexibility, political finesse, and good communication skills.  Jeannie is comfortable with ambiguity and developing and leading new and evolving projects.  She is a trusted collaborator who can be counted on to meet deadlines, think creatively and get the job done.  She believes firmly in using humor, empathy, and her innate curiosity to connect with people from all walks of life.

A native of New Zealand, Jeannie has also lived in France and India.  She currently resides in Seattle where she is the parent of two energetic young girls. In her free time, Jeannie has a long-standing yoga practice, is an avid fiction reader, loves to travel, and is a “foodie” with a passion for cooking healthy and delicious food.

Leslie Jones

Human Resources & Organizational Development Advisor

Leslie has over 15 years experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Operations, supporting business growth and development. Her work has primarily centered around changing business environments where a comprehensive approach is necessary to achieve results. With an innate eye for work systems, Leslie collaborates to define goals, adjust business practices, define roles, and implement change seamlessly so that improvements can be made on the job.

She has a passion for engaging employees in their work, and uses multi-faceted approaches to help employees see their contribution as critical to the business, including surveying, communication experiments, focus groups, and listening tours. But most importantly, Leslie brings a human touch, inspiring employees and managers to remember that successful business depends on humans who work well together, enjoy their work, and who can see the tangible results of their efforts.

Leslie has been in the Northwest for the last 15 years, but grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She has two busy children who teach her every day about the complexities of the human experience.


Nadia Al-Alawi has extensive experience accompanying and guiding individuals, teams, and organizations through growth and transformation. With over 16 years experience working with international humanitarian and governmental agencies, in both Africa and Asia, as a consultant, manager, and senior team leader, she has the skills and understanding necessary to facilitate individual and organizational learning and change.

Nadia’s professional assignments have included coaching and mentoring individuals, facilitating training events on gender, management, and project metrics, and strategic and operational planning workshops. She has managed projects in a wide variety of sectors, including women’s rights, health, education, and microfinance.  She supported and conducted her own medical research in laboratories in USA and Canada for 12 years before changing careers and becoming a humanitarian worker supporting individual, team, and organizational growth and development worldwide.

Jennifer has been working as a graphic designer for more than 20 years. She specializes in developing strong client partnerships and using design as a tool to express and support brand strategy. Her work spans many industry sectors, including insurance, entertainment, retail, consumer and food products, hospitality and technology. She is dedicated to her client’s vision and the project goals to ensure delivery of projects that are well conceived and well executed.

Ricarda McFalls creates conditions for people and organizations to deliver exceptional value in an inclusive, sustainable manner. She brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience acquired internationally in business, international development, and public policy. Ricarda recently returned to North America from Geneva, Switzerland, after spending five years at the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). At WBCSD, she was responsible for the Council’s work on inclusive growth and the role of business on international development. At the ILO, she led the organization’s work on corporate social responsibility, global business, and social policy. At both organizations, Ms. McFalls worked collaboratively with development banks, UN agencies, the OECD, European Commission, trade unions, employer organizations, business leaders, academics and others to promote policy coherence in the areas of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Before moving to a career in international development and public policy, Ricarda spent much of her career in Europe and later Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, guiding the market entry and expansion of technology leaders like Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and Mustek. She holds a Masters in International Management (USA) and Mphil in Sustainable Development (South Africa).

Heather Ramsey has an exceptional background in providing vision, direction and focus to a wide range of programs. Heather is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). She received her B.S. in Business Management at Northeastern University and her Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Argosy University. Heather utilizes her broad international business experience integrating multiple cultures and focusing on leadership development, team building, communication skills and conflict resolution. As an adjunct professor and course developer Heather is able to help graduate students in the Management and Leadership tracks incorporate communication, conflict resolution and negotiation theories into their business practices.Heather has cultivated and worked with professionals in the U.S., Egypt, Switzerland, the U.K., Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Germany and Australia. Some of her consulting and coaching clients have included Nike, SNHU, Embassy of Denmark: Cairo, Microsoft as well as nonprofits, law firms, international manufacturing, healthcare, software, retail and small businesses.

Inspiring positive emotions for target audiences through persuasive copywriting is Teddy’s strong suit. Corporate voices she’s fortified include Premera Blue Cross, Alliant Employee Benefits, Delta Dental, Microsoft, ADP and Asinta. Specialties include vision and key message creation, copy writing, content development, and aligning left brain decision makers with right brain creative strategy.

Gloria Simoneaux is an expressive arts therapist with over 35 years of international experience. As the founding director of Harambee Arts, an expressive arts organization and training program based in sub-Saharan Africa and Nepal, Gloria has worked with individuals and organizations serving children and women globally who have been traumatized by illness, poverty, violence, incarceration, trafficking, autistic spectrum disorder and other crises.Her unique ability to promote creativity and personal expression has been invaluable throughout her career teaching expressive arts to counselors in Nairobi as a Fulbright scholar, working with pediatric oncology patients in San Francisco hospitals, and supporting clients such as Save the Children, READ Global, USAID, and other international humanitarian and development agencies in the U.S., Ghana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Nepal, India, Haiti and Mexico.

Michael Staresinic has deep experience in many aspects of activism, including understanding the essentials of people, power, planning, branding, leading, and acting. Michael believes in the collective power of people, making them the natural recipient and expression of activism’s energies. It begins with leadership.Michael’s adaptive approach focuses on seemingly intractable problems in companies. He is a coach, consultant, strategist, and trainer, and he develops teams and organizations for participatory change using exercises of vision, civic participation, and leadership.He currently coaches national leaders, corporate executives, civic leaders, community members, government leaders, Washington think tanks, architects and city planners around the world. Michael is a member of the Change Leaders community of practice at Oxford and HEC Paris. He has edited the Change Leaders’ first anthology, New Eyes: The Human Side of Change Management, released in September 2013, and has authored two books.

Jodi Wade has over 15 years of experience in project management, management consulting and training.  Jodi partners with companies to identify problems or opportunities, create a plan of action, and manage projects through completion.

Jodi has led cross-disciplinary project teams dispersed across multiple physical locations.  She has worked with a wide range of organizations including start-ups, multi-billion dollar companies, non-profits and higher-education.  Jodi has a Master of Education degree and has developed and facilitated workshops, classes and training tools on a variety of topics, including career guidance and technology.

Jodi enjoys spending as much time as possible exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Some of her favorite activities including hiking, trail running, biking, kayaking, skiing and camping with her family.

Leona Zamora uses her passion for understanding human behavior to help individuals and organizations better recognize and predict how people will react, learn, and behave in specific environments and situations. She has more than 15 years of experience working in both the private and public sectors, including health and education. As a graduate student in cognitive psychology at the University of Washington, she studied visual perception, memory, learning, decision-making, and language. Leona’s superpower is understanding how people learn and remember information including its neurophysiological subcomponents. She examined memory and linked verbal working memory processes to the lateral temporal cortex.Leona was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from UW school of medicine to study the effects of HIV on memory function, and then worked with The BERC Group to evaluate and facilitate change in Washington State K-12 schools. With WeekdayRx, Leona focuses on human behavior in company settings through careful design and analysis. This is particularly important with her work in organizational development and change management. Leona designs measurement tools to understand how employees view their company culture and utilizes the information to identify areas for change. Leona believes in serendipity – a moment in time when not knowing everything can bring on an a-ha moment that can lead to great discoveries. It’s the best of both worlds when the unforeseen crosses with intentional design, creating magic in the workplace.



We are a 100% women-owned, small business.