Engage at every level

Without a human and caring voice, a vision is just words.

WeekdayRx facilitates vision-oriented change to impact business outcomes.

We help leaders and companies develop a powerful vision to accomplish action and change. By engaging the head, heart and gut, the vision is a credo that leads to specific behaviors and actions.

We approach vision development with the beliefs that an organization’s vision should:

  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Inspire action that translates vision into productive business process
  • Give leadership and employees a sense of purpose that generates excitement about work
  • Increase sales by integrating internal and external “why” positioning and brand promise

We can create order out of chaos.

But we like to get messy first. It’s creative. And effective.

What We do
  • Vision discovery
  • Vision statement development
  • Leadership alignment
  • Team-building
  • Vision integration into daily decision-making
  • Articulating vision within the organization / internal lexicon
  • Vision event / roll out and launch (i.e. company meeting)

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