Defined a customer-centric vision statement, logo, campaign concepts, and an implementation plan to shift the cultural mindset of a leading global construction and development company.

Corporate Culture Change Campaign


The western USA regional office of one of the world’s leading global construction groups providing comprehensive construction services and developing public-private partnerships.

  • The company was performing below its peers in value growth.
  • Client preference for the company declined by over 20% in the previous two years.
  • Employee surveys indicated that customer understanding, while a written value of the company, was not a reality among leadership and staff.
  • The company needed assistance managing a change in their cultural mindset with regards to customer-focus and understanding their clients.
  • WeekdayRx built consensus among the company’s leadership and facilitated the creation of a collective vision for the company and its relationships with its clients.
  • The team then developed a collaborative, evocative, and conversation-worthy internal campaign to reinforce collaboration  (among employees and with customers) leading to great solutions.
  • The company’s leadership teams were inspired and committed to implementing the campaign to ensure a deeper consciousness for understanding the customer throughout the company.